Recommended resources for finding free audio for your project

I highly recommend using public domain / CC0 licensed sounds for your project


This is a website where users can upload sounds and download them.


Note: Sound previews on the website are lossy with low quality. Must download to hear full quality.


-Lots of sounds for almost anything with lots of users.

-Sound preview feature.

-Remix groups.



-Not all sounds are CC0. You can filter to only show CC0 sounds however.

-Site can perform very slowly at times.

-Anybody can upload sounds, so quality varies from very good to straight up awful.

-Requires logging into an account to download sounds.

-Is light mode (you probably already could tell)

2. Soniss Gameaudio GDC

This website has yearly archives for free sound effects designed for game developers.


Tip: You can use the torrents to browse and select specific folders to download. I recommend using qBittorrent (which is FOSS), and a VPN to hide IP.


-Very good quality sound effects.

-All sounds are free to use commercially without attribution

-Has torrents for fast download.

-New sound collections every year


-Can't search for specific sounds. Can only download random packs of sounds.

-Very slow download without using torrents.